Don't Be Lost Without A Trailer Wheel On Hand

If you are looking for a new trailer wheel for your caravan, boat, motorcycle, or car trailer, then look at the trailer wheels eBay has on offer. Not only will you find tyres and wheels, but you will also find motorised jockey wheels and manual jockey wheels. And there are plenty of spare wheel carriers, wheel bearing kits, wheel arches, jockey wheel chocks, etc. As well as shopping with local sellers, be sure to check out international sellers too. 

Trailer wheels buying guide

You should select the highest ply or load-rated tyre for your trailer. The standard ply is six, with D and E-rated tyres having two plies each. Read the sidewalls to ensure that the tyre has enough support for the load you will be towing. Buying a too large wheel for your trailer will result in a poor ride and a flat tyre.

The tread on your trailer tyres should be checked regularly to prevent swaying. To determine your tyre's tread depth, insert an Australian 20c coin into one of the tyre's centre circumferential grooves. If the tread does not reach the platypus's bill, your tyre has less than 3mm of tread left. It's time to get some new tyres.

When selecting your tyres, make sure you choose those compatible with your trailer. If you don't have a guidebook, you can consult with your local mechanic or manufacturer for recommendations. Your tyres should match the load capacity of your trailer. If they don't, you will risk overstretching them and creating flat spots. If you do overload them, they may overheat and cause premature wear. When selecting tyres, make sure to keep the pressure of your tyres at the right level.

Enjoy shopping for your trailer wheels and trailer wheel accessories today with peace of mind, with eBay’s money-back guarantee on all purchases if you don't get the item you ordered. Check for a manufacturer's warranty before you finalise your purchase. Get a trailer plug adapter and trailer hitch while you’re here. Shop as an eBay Plus member and save with exclusive savings, free express delivery, and free returns. Some sellers have Afterpay as a payment option, allowing you to purchase now and pay later.