Trampoline Mats

Is your trampoline lacking in bounce? You could buy the family a brand new trampoline or you could just replace the trampoline mat on your current trampoline. At eBay we have a huge range of trampoline mats available for all shapes and sizes of trampolines.

Why do you need a new trampoline mat?

The frames in trampolines are made from tough, enduring steel that will last for many years. The mats however are made from woven fibres. While the fibres are weather resistant, they may show sights of wear and tear after being exposed to the tough Australian conditions for an extended period of time. If the material doesnt seem as bouncy as usual, has thin spots, or small holes then it may be damaged and is no longer safe for jumping.

Buying a new trampoline mat.

If you’ve deiced to buy a new trampoline mat, how do you find the right one? Firstly, check if there is a mat available that matches the brand and model of your original trampoline. If this isnt the case, you will have to measure the frame of your trampoline. Make sure you determine the diameter of your trampoline frame, the amount of holes for springs and the length of your springs when they are in a relaxed position. All of this information will help you when you are shopping for a new trampoline mat on eBay.

Safety first.

Safety is the most important consideration for most buyers when they are purchasing a new trampoline mat and rightly so! When choosing a mat, make sure it has several rows of stitching around the rings for optimum safety. You may want to consider buying padded covers for the springs and safety net, for optimum safety when jumping. Outdoor, inflatable jumping castles can be a fun alternative to trampolines for small children.

Get your family jumping again today, browse the trampoline mats and accessories on eBay.