Top-selling transistors to amplify all of your connections needed

We've looked around and found the best selling transistors. Offering the best amplifying connections, each of the transistors comes with a specific connection to make: common emitter, common collector and the common base. Our transistors provide a consistent connection that will not cut out once properly installed.

Choose to do the input or output of the amplifier, as well as the specific brand that may match the electrical component you are trying to make a current in. We have a number of brands such as Hitachi, Toshiba, NXP, Philips and others.

The project that you are working on needs electricity currents to run successfully. Choose either an input or output transistor to help complete the connection. Some may require the use of integrated circuits to complete the electric circuit connection.

Regulating power requires more than the transistor and integrated circuits, they also require the use of power regulators and convertors. These convert the energy that is being used as power in the system and either push the power out, or take the power in to use on the other components of the system.

The components in your project must work seamlessly together to create the best electrical output. The transistors provided have different wattage and voltage, allowing you to choose the amount of electricity required for your specific electrical project.

We feel confident in all of the transistors that we sell, which is why we provide the best price guarantee. Find the transistors that work with the specific connections you are trying to make right here on eBay.