Travel Eye Masks

Travel Eye Masks

Shut out the world for restful sleep or relaxation while travelling with travel eye masks. In addition to blocking any light from reaching your eyes, these masks enhance your comfort level so that you arrive at your destination fresh and well-rested, even after flights and train rides that last forever. Select the travel mask that best meets your needs from this collection that includes both unbranded travel eye masks and masks from brands, such as Kathmandu, Sound Oasis, Sleep Solutions and Samsonite. For the most pleasant travel experience, take with you additional travel accessories, such as a set of earplugs, flight socks and pillows.

Travel Eye Mask Material

Both satin and silk are soft to feel on your face. Additionally, natural silk material is also breathable and guards against dust and fungus. For those with allergies, masks made from hypoallergenic material give them the greatest ease. Travel eye masks that are made from memory foam conform to the shape of your eyes for superior comfort. Choose the most lightweight material you can afford because a heavy mask puts pressure on your eyes and may make you uncomfortable.

Travel Eye Mask Features

Achieve total blackness with contoured masks that conform to the natural curves on your face, and thus block out all ambient light, while machine-washable masks take up less of your time for care than those that require hand washing. A mask with adjustable straps offers a comfortable fit and does not slide off during sleep.

Travel Eye Mask Styles and Themes

Go to town on the travel eye mask styles that most reflect your personality or mood. While solid-coloured masks in sombre hues may help project a powerful persona for the business woman, its the one with tiger stripes that best blends with your environment when youre on a safari. Both, however, do nothing for the little caped crusader in your backseat who can only nap with a Batman-themed travel mask on his face.