Travel Irons

Travel Iron

Travel irons offer neatly pressed clothes for all your on-the-go needs, whether holidaying or heading to an out-of-town business function. They are appreciated for their compact size and come with various features to help aid in the wrinkle-removal process. They also vary in weight and in overall performance, so as you shop, take your travel needs into account in order to find the right iron for your budget.

Travel Iron Features

Travel irons vary in the features they offer, with those offering more features typically carrying a higher price tag. When shopping, look for those that have a retractable cord for easy and convenient storage. Cordless irons are arguably even better, as these irons are self-charging and are ideal for times when outlets are unavailable. You should also look for irons that include a heat-resistant travel bag. These bags protect the iron by offering an added layer of security during travel. Additionally, a travel iron that offers quick heating helps to ensure minimal wait time prior to use.

Dry vs. Steam

Travel irons come in two main types: dry irons and steam irons. Dry irons do not feature water tanks, and as such, do not pose a risk of staining your clothes with leaks and spits. On the downside, they are not as effective as their steam-based counterparts in removing stubborn wrinkles from clothing.

Iron Soleplates

Iron soleplates can be made from various materials, including stainless steel, aluminium, titanium alloy and ceramic. Each material offers its own set of benefits and drawbacks. Stainless steel soleplates are often preferred by many for their budget-friendly pricing, heat distribution and durability. They also do not corrode as easily as some other iron options do.

Travel Iron Size

Be sure to take the weight and size of irons into account when making a purchasing decision, as some irons are heavier than others. A smaller iron will fit better in your luggage, leaving room for other travel necessities. You should also consider the size of the handle in comparison to your hand size, because you want the iron to feel comfortable during use.