Travel Journals

Travel Journal

One of the best ways to record memories of your travels and make notes as you go is by using a travel journal. These notebooks arent your typical journals, and theyre created especially for travel use, with specific designs and features meant for portable use.

Journal Materials

Travel journals not only come in many styles and designs, but they are made using a variety of materials. You can chronicle your trip in a notebook made of authentic or faux leather or embossed leather, select a traditional hardcover design or opt for a soft, paperback option. Travel journals typically offer the same range of materials as traditional journals do, so choosing one is largely based on your personal preferences as well as by budget, as an authentic leather journal may cost more than a paperback style does.

Journal Features

Travel journals offer some benefits that regular journals may not. For instance, you can find a travel journal with interior pockets to save souvenir tickets, notes, itineraries, receipts and photographs. There are also lined and unlined options, while a journal with an elastic closure keeps everything securely inside the book. Some journals feature a pen or pencil holder so you have everything you need when youre ready to write. Alternatively, choose a journal with a built-in bookmark that lets you save your place after each entry, or pick a journal with a lock to keep your thoughts private.

Journal Designs

Express your personality by choosing a journal with a design that fits your own aesthetic. Travel journals range from simple, solid-coloured options to more elaborate and detailed designs including maps, whimsical patterns or prints such as landmarks, passports and other artwork that represents places to visit, including beaches. Some journals are covered in travel-inspired words or quotes, while others offer multiple colours or graphic prints, such as balloons, clouds, the continents or images of airplanes, boats or vehicles.

Journal Uses

There are many ways to use a travel journal, and its ultimately up to you on how you use yours. For instance, you could write reviews of the restaurants where youve eaten, or jot down thoughts about hotels, landmarks and transportation. You might also save ticket stubs and photos of the places you visit, or make notes to upload to your social media or blog later. Check off your things-to-do list, complete a bucket list or keep track of the sights you wish to see on your vacation. As yet another option, make a list of places youd like to see in the future, or paste in photos of your most beloved travel spots.