Travel Luggage Tags

Ensure the safety and security of your luggage as you trot the globe with travel luggage tags. Not only do they assist with luggage identification when you finally arrive at your destination, they also help airlines to track lost or stolen luggage. Features to mull over include a privacy cover that hides your information from prying eyes, weatherproofing to insulate from the elements and a colourful or quirky design that enhances your luggage's visibility on the luggage carousel.

Luggage Tag Material

For tags that outlive more than a few suitcases, take into account the durability of both the luggage tags and their straps. Flexible PVC and faux leather travel luggage tags are bendable so they are very hard to break and do not weight much. Durable leather offers a classic look that never goes out of style, while lightweight aluminium travel luggage tags weather rough travels well.

Travel Luggage Tag Types

Choose between the more pocket-friendly, ordinary travel luggage tags and the costlier smart luggage tags. Ordinary tags come in different materials and feature a place for you to write your information. Smart luggage tags take advantage of GPS or Bluetooth technology to track your luggage. Once activated, they tell you the exact location of your luggage anywhere in the world using an app on your smartphone or a website.

Information to Include on a Luggage Tag

Print or write legibly on the tag for clarity. Include information that you deem essential, such as your first initial and surname, mobile phone number, emergency contact numbers and email address. Be sure to include the phone number of your hotel or destination.

Information to Omit on a Luggage Tag

For security reasons, do not include your home address and home telephone number on the luggage tags. However, you can include back-up identification, such as your business card and destination contact, inside your luggage to help airport staff identify it and return it if it is misplaced, or in cases where all exterior tags are torn off.