Travel Neck Pillows

Travelling for long distances by car, bus, plane or train can be tiring and you probably like to use this time to catch up on some sleep. Unfortunately sleeping while sitting upright is not the most comfortable position and you may find that you need some support for your neck so you can fall asleep without falling over. Travel neck pillows are a fantastic product to have, which allow you to have comfort and neck support whilst on the road. There are different kinds of travel pillows that you can attach to your backpack or fold down to fit into your bag.

U-Shaped Bean Bag and Memory Foam

The most common travel neck pillows which have been on the market for a while are typically a U-shape design and are filled with either small beans similar to those used in bean bags or otherwise there are memory foam neck pillows. You place them around your neck so that you can rest your head on it. These pillows are lightweight and easy to carry with usually a clip that you can attach to a zip or strap on your luggage.

Blow-up Pillows

If you are looking for a travel pillow that will fold down small, then a blow-up or inflatable pillow will be ideal. You can keep the pillow in your luggage or handbag and pull it out when you need it. You can inflate it by blowing air into the mouthpiece then place it around your neck for a comfortable journey.

J-Shape Pillows

J-shaped neck pillows are increasing in popularity and are multifunctional for use while travelling, relaxing at home and at the beach or park. These pillows contour to your neck, shoulders, head and chin and help to maintain your body’s natural alignment. You can fold the J-shaped pillows down to a compact size and also wash them in the machine.

Support Your Neck

A new way to support your neck while you are travelling is with a neck support. These are not like the other U-shaped pillow designs but more like a wrap that you place around your neck. The neck supports have a hidden support system, which allows you to sleep comfortably in an upright position while preventing a stiff neck and shoulders.