Travel Pillows

Whether you're a passenger in a car, plane or train, using a travel pillow greatly reduces the stress and strain on your muscles when you're sitting for long periods of time. Travel pillows come in multiple designs and types meant for various body parts, and they're made from various fabrics to ensure maximum comfort. Be sure to choose pillows based on your personal needs, as well as based on the kind of travelling you'll be doing.

Pillow Types

Though one of the most common travel pillow types is the neck pillow, there are also head pillows and leg pillows aimed at creating comfort while you travel to your destination. Neck pillows have a U-shape and cradle your neck to prevent uncomfortable positioning as you sleep and are usually soft and padded. A leg pillow or foot rest elevates your feet and legs while you travel to increase circulation, which can be an issue on long trips. Traditional head pillows are a smaller version of bed pillows and cushion your head as you rest.

Pillow Materials

One of the main differences between travel pillows is the material from which they're made. Some pillows are made from memory foam, which creates a custom fit as it moulds to the shape and contours of your head and neck. Other options include pillows with beads or gel, or inflatable travel pillows that are portable and easy to carry after you finish using them. You can also select from feather-filled pillows or regular foam, like the material from which some mattresses are made.

Pillow Brands

It's often wise to select a travel pillow based on your favourite brand preference. Some brands to keep in mind while you browse include Cabeau, OZTrail, GO Travel, Samsonite, Kathmandu and Travelrest. Different brands may offer distinct materials, fabrics and features, in addition to a variety of price points, so set a budget and consider the type of pillow you desire before you select the right pillow brand for you.

Pillow Features

Though purchasing travel pillows is typically a straightforward transaction, there are some pillow perks to keep in mind. For example, some travel pillows for children (such as the Samsonite Convertible pillow) transform from a stuffed bear to a supportive pillow. Some pillows have removable covers that you can remove and wash, or replace when they become worn. An adjustable pillow allows for a more personalised fit, while self-inflating pillows are perfect for support in seconds. Some pillows even offer a heated option for soothing warmth to relax tense muscles as you travel.