Travel Wallets

Meant to keep you organised while you travel, travel wallets offer specific features that make travel convenient and easy. Keep your passport, traveller's cheques, cash and identification safe and within easy reach when you need them. Similar to traditional wallets, travel wallets come in a variety of brands and designs to suit your needs and budget, along with your aesthetic preferences.

Wallet Brands

Travel wallets are available in many brands, and each brand has its own benefits. Brands vary by style and material, as well as by their features. Some high-quality manufacturers of travel wallets include Kathmandu, Pacsafe, Samsonite, Mimco, Rip Curl, Sea to Summit and GO Travel. When browsing wallet brands, consider your budget as well as which features are most important to you, along with the styles and colours of the wallets.

Wallet Features

The most important factor when purchasing a travel wallet are its features. Some necessary features include RFID blocking, which keeps your financial information safe; a passport cover to keep your passport handy and protected; and compartments for any paperwork and documents you may need to keep secure and organised as you travel. Other features to look for include a zippered pouch for cash and coins, a wrist strap or shoulder strap for portability and a pouch or spot for your mobile phone, tablet and other small valuables. Some wallets are lockable, which may be important if you're carrying sizable amounts of cash or traveller's cheques and wish to keep them secure from theft. Water-resistant designs are handy if you're travelling by boat.

Wallet Styles and Designs

If you're style-savvy, you may want a wallet that blends in with your handbag, luggage or other travel bags and comes in the shades and designs that help you to express your personal style aesthetic. Travel wallets range from solid-coloured styles that include brown, black, orange, pink and purple, to wallets that feature prints and designs, such animal prints. There are quilted travel wallets and wallets with embellished or engraved designs on the front. Choose an option that looks like a map or has a favourite quote on the front, or opt for a shiny metallic silver or gold design that stands out.

Wallet Materials

Many travel wallets are made from leather, which looks sleek and tends to go well with your existing travel luggage; however, there are lightweight wallets crafted from plastic you can easily see through or nylon wallets that look sporty and stylish. Other materials to consider include suede, neoprene and faux leather.