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Traxxas 1:10 Radio Control Toys

Traxxas 1 10 RC Model Vehicles Toys Control Line

Traxxas is the leading brand in remote control vehicles and is the top of the line in power and performance. With models that can go from 48 km per hour up to 160 km per hour, it is easy to see why the company has the reputation it does. Each Traxxas vehicle also comes with realistic car technology, including functional oil-filled shock absorbers, ball bearings and independent suspension. Its nitro-fuelled models are powered by two-stroke engines and feature push-button electric starters. Much like "real cars," these RC model vehicles can also be repaired or upgraded with parts readily available through many of your local hobby stores. Not only does this allow you to enjoy your RC model vehicle for years to come, but it also makes it easy to upgrade and accessorise your car.


You can easily add telemetry to Traxxas RC model vehicles. Using the Traxxas Link app, you can work with the Traxxas TQi radio system to integrate your vehicle with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. This app allows you to collect and record telemetry data while you drive the vehicle, and using the RC vehicles sensors, you can gain information on your speed, battery power, RPM and temperature.

No Assembly Required

Each of the models in the Traxxas RC model vehicle toy line comes ready to drive. There is no assembly required, meaning that the body is painted and the tyres have been glued into place. All power-cell battery packs and most DC fast chargers are included with electric models. For nitro-powered models, the battery and chargers, glow plugs and air filters come included, along with fuel-dispensing bottles. The only thing you need to purchase separately are AA batteries for the radio. With less time for setup, you can get into the driving much sooner, as you simply open the provided step-by-step instruction manual and are ready to go.

Training Mode Available

Each of the Traxxas radio control toys in its RC model vehicle lines offers a special mode for when you are learning to control the vehicle. This training mode allows you to limit the speed to half of the cars capacity so that you can get a good understanding of the controls before you go full throttle (or limit it for the kids so they dont destroy your car). Additionally, the car can easily be placed in training mode and then moved back to full-throttle mode with a simple flip of a switch.