Traxxas Radio-Controlled Toys

Based in McKinney, Texas, Traxxas is a manufacturer of radio-controlled model vehicles that include highly durable cars, trucks, aircrafts and boats. Dedicated to innovative thinking and fun designs, this brand has, since 1986, created high end RC toys that are coveted by children and adults alike. Choosing a sophisticated Traxxas radio control toy mainly comes down to personal preference, but certain guidelines may be helpful.

Land, Water and Air Models

Traxxas toys range from a simple RC car, to boats and planes. An early choice any buyer has to make is between land, water or air. Those interested in land models have a slight advantage as the huge gamut of Traxxas RC model vehicles and kits includes everything from motorcycles to monster trucks. Speed poses no problem, as there are RC cars with chassis close to the ground capable of accelerating fast and operating over large distances. Monster trucks with high platforms and great torque capabilities are also available for those who love off-road fun. Air and water enthusiasts can buy speed boats, planes and drones.

Skill Level

Since Traxxas RC models are designed to achieve racing speeds, each has a designated skill level. The scale runs from one to ten, and skill level is calculated by combining speed with difficulty of manoeuvring of the model. It is recommended that beginners start at skill level one or two and gradually work their way up, while advanced users can immediately start upward of level five.

Energy Type

A chief consideration for any buyer is the fuel type. Traxxas traditionally offers models that run either on nitromethane fuel or are battery powered. Nitromethane engines are more sophisticated and require more maintenance and they do also have the appeal of a real fully combusting machine. Electric models are more affordable and easier to maintain.

Batteries and Chargers

Always consult the specifications to check if a battery and a charger are included with the specific toy model. Traxxas boats and vehicles add up to a hefty investment, so check what is included in any package before comparing models. Battery and charger inclusion might sway your decision; but if not, these items are readily available. Check battery life and recharge time as well, and purchase a spare battery for extended uninterrupted use.