Tray Trucks

With so much open land in Australia, its no surprise the ute is one of the most popular vehicles. Its not just the famers who rely on their ute on a daily basis, as theyre also great vehicles for weekend road trips and campers. Whatever you use yours for, there could be a time when you need to replace the ute tray. Before paying for a replacement from a retailer, have a look at the great range at brilliant prices that you can buy on eBay.

Heavy duty alloy

Manufacturers of dual cab trays make trays to fit any make or model of ute. You can buy a ute tray made of alloy that replaces your existing tray. The standard dual cab ute tray will include heavy duty hinges and interlocking floor planks. Look for deals that include underbody boxes and drawers or removable ladder racks. Once you have decided what you want, the experts can fit the tray you choose in just a few hours. You can also find dual cab trays that are manufactured specially for your ute. Find new ute trays for Toyota Hilux and Holden Colorado. Buy ute trays that are alloy or powder-coated to match your ute’s body.

Second hand

You can find some great deals in second hand dual cab trays. A second hand seller will outline the make and model of ute that it came from. If you can match a second hand cab to your ute you can upgrade your ute tray while you also save money. You can find second hand ute trays for Ford Rangers, Holden Rodeo, Nissan Navarra and Toyota Hilux. If you need extra parts for your ute have a look at car and truck parts too.

A new dual cab tray gives a new lease of life to your ute. When you are thinking about your new ute tray have a look into automotive toolboxes. You can secure one to the tray to help you organise your tools and equipment.

Replacing your dual cab ute tray doesnt have to be a headache. Check out the range on eBay today.