Tree Christmas Lights

Everything you need to know about Christmas tree lights

What are Christmas tree lights?

Christmas tree lights are a popular Christmas decoration designed to twine through the branches of a Christmas tree. They can be as simple as a plain string of mini bulbs that illuminate in white, gold and other colours. But some are more intricate, taking complex shapes like snowflakes and snowmen.

Christmas tree lights can transform the ambience of a room, especially when they flash in different colours and patterns. Some can even play Christmas music and flash in time with the notes. As a result, Christmas tree lights are an effortless element to create a magical and festive atmosphere. Any Christmas tree without a string of Christmas tree lights can easily look uninspiring.

How many Christmas tree lights do you need for your tree?

It is recommended that you decorate your tree with 100 bulbs per foot of your tree’s height. For example, a 4-foot tall tree should be decorated with approximately 400 bulbs. If you can’t get enough of the sparkle, feel free to double that number.

The number of bulbs and the length of the Christmas tree light string varies from product to product. Always check these numbers before buying your Christmas tree lights. The last thing you want is a sparsely lit Christmas tree!

How to decorate with Christmas tree lights

There are so many ways to make your Christmas tree lights truly shine amongst your Christmas decor. The most important element to consider is your colour palette. Always choose a Christmas light colour that matches with the rest of your ornaments and tinsel. If you’re starting from scratch, now is a great time to consider what colours you want to use.

  • White lights: Their icy light looks best with cool-toned ornaments, like blue and silver.
  • Gold or yellow lights: Their warm glow looks best with richly coloured ornaments like traditional red and green, or regal purple.
  • Rainbow lights: Their mixed appearance matches well with ornaments in almost every colour.

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