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Trelise Cooper Dresses for Women

Trelise Cooper Womens Dresses

From cocktail dresses to dresses that are ideal for everyday use, Trelise Cooper womens dresses are waiting to make every woman look and feel amazing. Whether you want a dress that is fun for a night out with friends or a dress that is perfect for a special romantic occasion, Trelise Cooper dresses offer styles to fit any need.

Shoulder Beholder Dresses

Shoulder Beholder dresses are great choices for women to wear who want to add a sultry touch to evening attire. The Shoulder Beholder dress looks great on any body shape because it has a flowing design that also exposes the shoulders. Made from 100 per cent polyester, the sophisticated Shoulder Beholder dress is comfortable to wear and is also machine washable.

Sleek and Win Dresses

The Sleek and Win style is one of the Trelise Cooper dry-clean-only dresses that makes a statement every time you wear it. This mid-length dress with sheer mesh overlay is a great choice for a romantic evening or other special occasion. The mesh material includes sprinkles of hand-beaded flower embroidery and comes with either a purple or pink slip that coordinates with either the black or pink mesh.

Panel Pleater Dresses

There are many Trelise Cooper regular dresses available that make a stunning fashion statement for special occasions. The Panel Pleater dress drapes the figure in light pink satin pleats before falling gracefully down the side. The hand-beaded flower embellishments add a feminine touch to the dress that looks amazing on any body shape.

My Beaded Heart Dress

Love dresses with lots of embellishments? The My Beaded Heart dress may be the perfect choice to add to your wardrobe. As the name suggests, the beaded heart dress includes beaded flower embellishments in a way that maximises the impact of the mid-length design. The sheer panel highlights the neck and shoulder line while the fitted waist pulls the whole look together in a very stunning way that makes this dress suitable for any special evening.