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Trenery is a much-loved Australian brand, bringing their timeless, modern designs to your wardrobe and capturing the relaxed Australian spirit in every garment. From dresses, skirts and pants to blouses, tops and jackets, there's something for everyone to love in the ever-expanding Trenery range. Trenery designs are known for their simplistic beauty, basing their style around subtle details, flattering cuts and a beautiful colour palette to create a huge variety of effortless pieces that everyone can enjoy.

Quality from tops to bottoms

When you're looking for quality, you won't be let down by the beautiful products on offer from Trenery. While the designs are beautiful in their simplicity, their manufacturing standards are second to none. Choosing only the finest fabrics and putting a focus on fashion that is built to last, Trenery consistently deliver products that stand the test of time - both stylistically, and in quality.

What may not be widely known is that Trenery source the finest fabrics and yarns from all around the world, ensuring they're able to consistently deliver on their promise of bringing you pieces of enduring fashion that will really last. So, whether it's tops or bottoms, you know you're getting beautiful pieces from Trenery that can be worn year after year.

Clothing for all seasons

Trenery's designs are often inspired by the relaxed Australian way of life, and as we all know, that can sometimes mean adapting to several seasons in one day. Understanding the Australian climate and lifestyle is one of the many things that makes Trenery products great. Whether you're looking for women's skirts or tops to relax at the beach, or you need women's coats and jackets to keep warm while you enjoy the nightlife, Trenery has something for everyone.

Really need to keep warm in the winter months but still looking for maximum comfort? Trenery's range of carefully designed and crafted women's knitwear is all you need. With the luxurious array of wool and wool blends used by Trenery, from extra-fine Merino to lambswool, there's endless possibilities when it comes to dressing for comfort and warmth.

All the fabrics under the sun

Trenery believe that designing beautiful clothing starts with quality yarns and fabrics. And it shows, with their endless pursuit of design excellence being showcased in such a varied array of fabrics. There's also an eye on the planet's future in the fabrics used by Trenery - they're even sourcing more organic cotton which adheres to strict global standards.

Aside from the standards like cotton and linen, Trenery also use a variety of wool and wool blends, such as wool cloths, wool yarn and even regenerated cashmere. You'll also find some items made from acetate/triacetate, cellulose fibres and naturally dyed linen. Basically, if the fabric is beautiful and ethically sourced, you'll find something made out of it in the extensive Trenery womenswear range.

Australian made, globally inspired

Working locally in Australia, there's no doubt that Trenery products are inspired with Australia in mind. That being said, Trenery's local designers draw inspiration from their own travels and, photography and even occasionally from international print studios. It's the gorgeous array of prints that make Trenery unique, and the inspiration comes from daily Australian life as well as exotic international travel.

With Trenery clothing, you get a unique blend of everyday effortlessness and international luxury - all at a price tag that won't break your bank. Just browsing through the many pre-loved Trenery items here, you'll see what we mean about the designers really understanding the diverse climate and landscape of Australia. But that doesn't mean you won't find a touch of elegance in every piece too.

Sustainability in clothing

Trenery believes very strongly in embedding sustainability into every piece they create. Their partnership with the Better Cotton initiative is just one way they're aiming to drive positive change in the world, sourcing cotton from providers who use new growing techniques that use less water and have less environmental impact.

When you choose to take home a Trenery product, you know that you're getting something made with the highest ethical standards. Whether it be through the sourcing of raw materials and developing relationships with ethical suppliers or by minimising waste and increasing energy efficiency in their stores and fulfillment centres, Trenery are definitely doing their bit for Mother Earth.

Machine washable clothing

Let's face it, not everybody has the time or money to hand-wash or dry clean all of their garments. We're all busy, and there's a sense of convenience when you can purchase beautiful, multi-purpose clothing that can just be put in the washing machine with your other items.

When you choose from Trenery's range, particularly their cotton and linen goods, you won't find any degradation by giving them a quick wash in the machine. Many of their skirts, blouses, dresses, tops and pants can be easily washed by machine - giving you more time to do the things you love!

Uncompromising style

Trenery offers clothing to suit almost every need. If you need business-appropriate clothing for the office but still want to look great, Trenery is your go-to. If you need some comfortable, effortless skirts or blouses for a relaxing afternoon with friends, they've got you covered there too.

Regardless of your clothing needs, what you will always find with Trenery is a unique sense of style and class which takes its inspiration from both the Australian fashion landscape and beyond.

Take care with dry-cleaning only

Many of Trenery's dresses and jackets are best taken to the dry cleaners to avoid any unwanted damage caused by machine washing. For example, if you're purchasing one of Trenery's amazingly warm and comfortable jackets that use Thermore's Ecodown instead of traditional duck and goose down, you'll want to make sure it's washed with the love and care it deserves.

So, whether you're looking for summer wear, winter warmers or even items that you can wear in any climate, check out the terrific range of Trenery womenswear here on eBay. With their dedication to effortless designs, we're sure you'll find something that perfectly matches your own unique style.