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Tri-Wing Screwdrivers

Screwdrivers are multifunctional and very common home tools. Even if you do not remember buying any, you probably have at least one screwdriver lying around somewhere. They are also very common in professional manufacturing processes. Operating a screwdriver is easy and you can do it manually. However, you do need to make sure that the tip is right for the task you need to perform. Tri-wing screwdrivers are quite specific tools for specific applications. Learn more about them to know how to use them.

Screwdriver Parts

A typical screwdriver consists of four main parts. These include the tip, the blade, the shank and the handle. The latter should be easy to grasp, especially if you plan to use it often or for a long time at one go. The screwdrivers fall into different types mainly based on the tips as these are for different kinds of screws and bolts.

Screwdriver Quality

The quality of a screwdriver largely depends on its blade, namely, the metal it is made of. The finishing of the blade and the efficiency of the blade's tip are also important factors in terms of quality. A low-quality blade may start chipping once you exert pressure on it or crumble under extreme conditions. The blade should also firmly attach to the handle, so it would not fall out, get loose or slip inside the handle.

Tri Wing Screw Heads

The tri wing screw heads have a special design to protect valuable accessories. The triangular slotted recess of this screw head is compatible only with the right type of bolt. If you use a wrong type of screwdriver on these bolts, the tool gets stripped. The tri wing design is available in three sizes.

Tri Wing Screwdriver Application

The tri wing screwdriver is a special tool for GameBoy and Nintendo Wii game consoles. Using any other type of screwdriver on these gaming consoles damages the product. If you want to keep your console in a pristine condition, then there is no way escaping the tri wing screwdriver.

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