Triangle Shade Sails

Triangle Shade Sails

Escape the heat underneath your very own triangle shade sail or canopy. Perfect for your backyard, triangle shade sails are easy to put up. They provide shelter from the harsh sun to your family, furniture, and even your car. Set one up over your deck or patio, put one above your pool, attach it between trees in your yard, cover your childrens play area or sandbox or even use it to protect your car from the elements. Triangle shade sails not only block harmful UV rays, but can extend the life of outdoor furniture beneath them.

Triangle Shade Sail Materials

Triangle shade sails feature heavy-duty polyethylene fabric. The fabric is highly breathable and well-ventilated, meaning that air can easily pass through the fabric and keep the area beneath it cool. If youre worried about how durable the fabric is, dont be. Built to withstand the Australian climate, the fabric blocks approximately 98 per cent of UV rays. The fabric is also waterproof, so is suitable for outdoor use even while it is raining. Water will run right off some varieties, so your outdoor activities can be enjoyed while you remain dry. A UV-resistant additive can prolong the effectiveness of UV protection. Common colours are smooth greys, browns and greens, although other colours such as sky blue and rose red are available too.

Triangle Shade Sail Construction

Triangle shade sails can be mounted on any secure surface. Some can be purchased with the necessary hardware, though not all. The hardware can also be purchased separately. Generally, the hardware set will include several mounting plates to be screwed onto an available surface, some small lengths of cable to connect the sail to the mounting plate or a pole, carabiners for easy attachment and dual-hooked turnbuckles. Turnbuckles are adjustable devices that ensure your sail is taut and stable. These components are made of stainless steel, with some being marine-grade to ensure maximum durability and weather resistance. Because of the flexibility of the cable and mounting plate system, paired with the triangle sail design, the sails can be fitted into any open space. Multiple sizes and shapes of shade sails mean that whether you need a 2 x 2 meter patio or a 8 x 8 meter yard covered, theres a shade sail suitable for your space.

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