Whether your ride rolls on four, three, or two wheels depends on what kind of rush you are going for. A trike is a three-wheeled vehicle that ranges from powerful gas-powered ones to bite-sized, pedal-powered ones suitable for kids. When you want a quick way to get around a large area without having to balance, an ATV or motor trike is the way to go. If you want a small ride for your kid who doesn’t know how to balance just yet, a ride-on tricycle should be a great exercise.

Three Wheels

Trikes are basically motorbikes with three wheels. The most apparent advantage is that the rider doesnt need to worry about balancing, making it a good mode of travel for the differently abled as well as the adventurous. Long trips are no problem because vehicles like Lehman trikes are far easier to handle long-term than motorbikes.


Quads are not much different from trikes because one is just a wheel shy of the other. Most quads are capable of all-terrain travel, so shallow swamps, steep inclines, vast plains, and rugged badlands are all traversable on a quad. Many quads, trikes, and buggies use the same engines as motorbikes, so maintenance and part replacement is convenient. These vehicles also range from adult-sized to kid-sized variations, so the whole family can have their own quad.


Quads and trikes do not require you to balance. They handle rough terrain better than motorcycles because they just roll over bigger rocks resulting in a lower risk of falling. Trikes are also ideal for long-distance travel and allow for more baggage capacity than the average motorcycle.

Which is Better?

Whether or not to get a trike, bike, or quad is entirely up to what kind of excitement you are looking for. Rough terrains are easy to handle for quads, while road trikes tackle road trips with ease. Motorbikes do well in both scenarios but pose the obvious danger of becoming out-balanced.