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Tripods and Monopods for Nikon

Beautifully crafted photos come not just from the skill of the photographer, but sometimes also comes with the stability and flexibility from accessories like camera tripods and monopods. Nikon tripods and monopods come in types and brands, suiting different Nikon cameras and user preferences.

Advantages of Using Tripods

Tripods offer greater stability when taking photographs, and offer the flexibility of shooting difficult-to-shoot angles. Self-portraits and macro shots frame better with the help of a tripod, and the stability also helps improve the quality of HDR and panoramic shots. Videos benefit from tripods as well, since they eliminate or keep to a minimum the odd vibration and movement.

Choosing a Tripod

When choosing a tripod for your Nikon, consider the weight of the tripod, as that will make a big difference if you have to lug it around on top of your other gear. The head type you choose will also determine what kind of shots you can improve with your tripod, and buying it in the right height for you personally is recommended so that minimum bending over is required. Some popular tripod brands for Nikon cameras include Joby, Vanguard, and Manfrotto.

Advantages of Monopods

Monopods are a lighter option to a tripod, and can be very handy when you don't have a lot of room for gear. They take up less space, so they are great for shooting in cramped or crowded areas, and are quicker to set up since they only have one leg instead of three. However, do note that monopods do not prevent camera shake as well as tripods, and some models have limited flexibility.

Choosing a Monopod

A monopod for your Nikon can come with or without a tilting or swivelling head, experts recommend that you get one with one of these heads for better angling and flexibility when taking photographs. As with tripods, the height of the monopod should ideally be tall enough for you to not have to bend over, and ensure that it can fold into a size that you are comfortable with.

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