The largest British motorcycle manufacturer, Triumph motorcycles have been in production since 1902. Triumph's modern range (2015-2017) includes touring bikes, cruisers, modern classics and roadsters.

Triumph Trident

A fantastic vintage bike, the Trident was first released in 1968, in the era of the superbike, taking street bikes to a higher level of sophistication previously unseen. Four-speed with a steel frame, it could achieve up to 188 kilometres per hour. A net weight of 226 kilogrammes, it featured a conventional chassis and suspension. It's a popular choice amongst classic and vintage bike enthusiasts.

Triumph Bonneville

The Bonneville is one of the most popular makes by Triumph, and has been released over three generations since 1959. Featuring a parallel-twin four-stroke engine, the most recent models are known for their style and performance. Packing 790cc to 865cc, they've got the look of the original model with a vintage feel, yet the engineering of a cutting-edge model complete with electronic fuel injectors. Most recent Bonnevilles are marketed to be more appropriate as a roadster model, whilst the original Bonnevilles are speed-focused.

Triple Connection by Triumph

Ideal for the Triumph rider, Triple Connection is a clothing and accessories brand released by Triumph. It celebrates its association with revered celebrities, such as Marlon Brando, Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley, firmly cementing its status as iconic. Quality leather jackets make for stylish wear whilst also serving to block wind chill whilst riding.

Triumph Motorcycle Accessories

Triumph motorcycle accessories allow you to kit yourself and your bike out in style. Panniers are easily affixed to your bike, and come in waterproof or water-resistant fabrications so that you can take your bike out no matter what the weather is like. There are also branded accessories, such as backpacks and Swiss army-style knives, so you can show your brand support even when you're not riding. Stickers and logos are easily applied to your bike. There are also replacement parts, such as wing mirrors, available so you can repair and replace items on your bike yourself.