Trivial Pursuit Boards and Traditional Games

Originally from Canada, Trivial Pursuit is a board game that involves players answering questions about popular culture and general knowledge. The question sets are usually divided into themes, such as science or nature. Trivial Pursuit family edition is a game that is appropriate to played by the whole family.

Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit

Over the years, there has been a range of different Trivial Pursuit games made, but the latest craze, especially for kids, is the Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit game. All the questions asked during the game are based on Harry Potter knowledge. These board games are perfect for travelling with, as they are easy to clean up and should keep the kids entertained for hours.

The Benefits of Board Games for Children

Playing board games are a good way for kids to connect with their family and friends, but also a good way to learn about numbers, shapes, grouping, counting, reading, visual perception and colour recognition and eye-hand coordination. During play with board games, kids also learn skills like thinking ahead, actions and consequences, making hard choices, teamwork, being a good sport and taking turns.