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Whether you're showing appreciation to someone for a hard earned sporting win, or you want to give a colleague at work an award for best officemate, a trophy is a good place to start. These tokens recognise hard work and appreciation for a job well done.

Different Themes for Different Events

You can find trophies in all different themes for your events. If you need a trophy for a soccer league or one for a cricket final, you can find a plethora designs featuring relevant sports gear. You may even stumble on faux Oscars and trophies in the more traditional loving cup style.

Plastic, Metal and Other Trophies

Trophies come in so many different types of materials. Not only is plastic and metal available, but so are acrylic, glass and crystal as well. You can choose based on your audience and budget. You probably don't want fragile or breakable trophies for kids; however, a crystal one might be just right for an office award.

Customisable Trophies

Trophies can often be customised in some way. Sometimes, they have plaques at the base that can be engraved. Other times, the body of the trophy itself can be etched with words and a year. Check whether you can have it engraved after purchasing or you need to find a local engraver. If the trophy cannot easily be customised, you can always look into getting a separate engraved decorative plaque.

Non-traditional Trophies

If you can't quite find the perfect trophy, you may want to consider something non-traditional. You could look at engravable items that still commemorate the big event. For example, you could have boxes or pens engraved with a name or award and date. Another option would be to have something related to the event engraved, such as a cricket bat or other sports equipment.