Truck Tool Boxes

Truck and Ute tool boxes

If you are a tradie or handyman who owns a truck or a ute you probably have been thinking about getting custom tool boxes for your tray or an under tray trundle toolbox drawer. eBay has a wide range of options in tool boxes, side drawers, full side long drawers and gull wing canopy combinations for utes. You can search for automotive tool boxesand ute storage drawers on eBay and also find the industrial hand tools you need to fill them.

Undertray Trundle Toolbox Ute Drawer

You can have a ute drawer that sits under your tray and is secure and water resistant. Completely concealed under the tray of your ute, this storage provides you added security. A ute trundle drawer can carrying up to 150 kg of evenly distributed load. Underbody drawers are concealed and suit any tray design. They lock with a key, keeping your tools completely safe. The dimensions are generally universal at 1500mm (Length) x 750mm(Width) x 130mm(Depth).

Tool boxes

An aluminium toolbox will complement the storage space of any ute or truck. Its a great way to organise and lock up your tools and other valuables. Ute drawers are designed to fit the storage space on your ute tray. There is a range of combinations of drawers and shelves, angled tops and square tops. All are made from heavy duty aluminium plate. Adding tool boxes to your ute is an ideal solution for the storage of your tools and the materials for your trade so you are ready to hit the job quickly every time.

Long drawer sets

Also available are long drawers sets that are 1040mm long and 740mm long plus various sized shelf sets, canopies, service boxes or full cab and part cab gull wing boxes. Each unit is fitted with drawers on heavy duty drawer slides and shelves, or choose a full side open tool box with 2 or 3 under drawers.The range of options for truck and ute drawers and tool boxes is vast! Let eBay help you find the best ute drawers for your needs.