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What is an electronic stability program and why is it important?

It’s no secret that driving a larger vehicle can be totally different from driving your everyday car or truck. No matter how seasoned a driver you are, the sheer size and weight of tow trucks, tipper trucks and other commercial vehicles can make them more susceptible to shifts in weight that, if not handled correctly, can have major consequences. One way vehicle manufacturers try to eliminate such issues is by installing an electronic stability program (ESP) in each vehicle. This is a computerised system that helps track stability by monitoring the loss of control through skidding. ESP helps apply brake pressure that kicks in and attempts to put you back in control as quickly as possible. When moving a lot of cargo or operating a large commercial truck, it can be ESP that keeps you from getting into real trouble.

Understanding the heightened health restrictions of driving large commercial vehicles

As previously mentioned, large vehicles can do a lot of damage if something were to go wrong. Because of this, the government is stricter with exactly who is allowed to operate oversized trucks and commercial vehicles. One thing the powers that be like to keep an eye on is a driver’s health. This involves an official assessment that drivers under the age of 50 must pass every three years. Drivers over the age of 50 must pass it every year. There are also safeguards in place to help prevent heavy vehicle operators from fatiguing. These safeguards include prescribing work and rest hours for drivers as well as implementing safety checks in the form of work diaries for accurate record keeping. Staying safe while operating a large truck or other commercial vehicles is of the utmost importance. Remember to keep that in mind as you browse the range of trucks available on eBay.