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True Religion Men’s Jeans Buying Guide

True Religion men’s jeans are stylish and easy to pair with T-shirts or dress shirts. You can find a selection of different sizes, fits, and colours when searching for TR jeans on eBay.

Style cuts available in TR jeans

Affordable eBay True Religion jeans offer several different style cuts for men. The style cuts available include boot cut, loose, regular, skinny, relaxed, slim, and straight. Depending on your body build or preference, you can find new, used, and pre-owned True Religion jeans for men on eBay.

Men’s True Religion jeans colour wash options

Once you have chosen your preferred style cut, you want to consider what colour of jean you want. How the jean is washed determines its final colour. New True Religion jeans for men are available in variety of colours with different embellishments and detailed stitching. You can choose from a few different wash options, such as:

  • Acid wash
  • Charcoal wash
  • Raw
  • Stonewashed
  • Dark, light, and regular
Differences in rise options

True Religion offers its men's jeans in three different rises, and depending on which rise option you choose is a matter of preference. The low-rise jeans set right at the top of the waist. These jeans have a short zipper and regular button closure. The mid-rise jeans rest just below the bellybutton and have a standard button closure. Mid-rise True Religion jeans have a longer zipper than the low-rise jeans. Men's high-rise jeans offer a comfortable fit right at your natural waistline. The high-rise jeans have the longest zipper or fly area of all the different rises.

Button fly or zipper choices

Stylish True Religion's men’s jeans are available with a button fly or zipper fly. The button fly is the oldest form of closure but is stylish and offers three or four buttons where a zipper is normally. For button jeans, colour stitching and embellishments will match. Zippered True Religion jeans for men include rust-resistant zippers that glide gently up and down easily. The colour of the zipper matches the stitching and embellishments to create a fashionable look

Are eBay True Religion denim jeans stretchy?

Yes, the True Religion jeans for men are stretchy. To determine the available stretch, you can read the material tag. Stretchy jean materials include cotton, polyester, spandex, and denim for style and comfort that you can consider for purchase when you come across a True Religion sale on eBay.