The sight of a trunk makes you want to lift up the top to see whats inside. Use one to store your treasures in something like a country trunk or one in a shape and size that fits into an unusual place. Some families pass down trunks to the next generation, while some people collect them as antiques and decorator pieces. Due to a trunks generous storage area, you arent limited as to what goes inside for safekeeping.

Metal Trunks

The vintage appeal of metal trunks cannot be understated. They bring back memories of times gone by, whether you actually lived during that era. Originally, travellers used antique examples as shipping trunks called steamers to take personal items with them abroad. Furthermore, most trunk latches include a hole that a padlock fits into to keep possessions secure. Some trunks measure 78 centimetres long by 45 wide, the perfect size for use as a coffee table.

Wooden Trunks

Older unpainted wooden trunks have a pretty patina caused by years of wear, which adds to their value. Store blankets inside or use one as a storage box for your childrens toys. Youll find trunks with painted or stained finishes with brass corners or another type of metal hardware. Additionally, these handcrafted pieces may have a painted chess board on top to provide entertainment for your family and visiting mates. Many have side handles for hassle-free transports to other rooms.

Rattan Trunks

Rattan trunks are made from a strong and durable vine thats hard to break. These home and garden items usually include thick rope handles and leather hinges, which make them an attractive, yet functional furniture piece. Many people use them as laundry containers since air can pass through the material, but theyre equally suitable for storing cushions, sporting equipment or books.