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Tuffy Dog Toys

Sick of finding chewed up toys over the house? Do your newly bought dog toys only last ten minutes around your pooch? Then try a Tuffy Dog Toy. Constructed to be difficult to destroy, each Tuffy Dog Toy comes with a ‘toughness’ rating to help you decide which is best for your pet.

Materials and Stitching

Tuffy Dog Toys are manufactured with up to seven rows of stitching, depending on the shape, size and style of the toy. They are cross-stitched in two directions to hold the multiple layers together. These tough dog toys can have up to four layers of material, the ultimate series including 2 layers of luggage grade material. Certain layers are coated with a layer of plastic to hold the fibres together and ensure it won't tear easily. The outside layer is soft fleece for a comfortable feel.

Protective Webbing

For the ultimate series of Tuffy Dog Toys an additional layer of webbing is used around the edge to cover the toy’s seams wherever possible. This is sewn multiple times for added durability. This protective webbing helps ensure that your dog won’t be able to tear through the layers of material of the toy.

Squeaker Safety Pockets

Your dog’s safety is one of Tuffy’s highest priorities with their dog toys. Any toys with a squeaker is manufactured to ensure your dog will not be able to destroy the toy and accidently swallow the squeaker. All squeakers are sewn into material pockets inside the toy, for that additional layer of safety for your pooch.

Toy Types

Tuffy Dog Toys offers a range of products including Sea Creatures, Dinosaurs, Aliens, Barn Animals and Zoo Animals. They also have a unique range of Tuffy Ball Dog Toys available that are quite unique in appearance called iBalls. For dogs still able to eventually take apart any toy you have, there are a variety of ‘No Stuff’ toys available from Tuffy Dog Toys as well, meaning that even if they’re taken apart you won’t get stuffing everywhere in the house or yard. While most products are orientated towards larger dogs known for easily tearing apart toys, there are a range of toys directed towards small dogs as well.

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