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A mum’s best friend: Tupperware

The Tupperware brand came to life in the 1940s when Earl Tupper developed the first bell-shaped container for kitchen storage. It wasn’t long before the trend caught on, and products were flying out the doors.

Today, Tupperware manufactures and distributes a huge variety of products – the majority of which are sold through direct marketing, known as the Tupperware Party. This “party” was first introduced as a great way for women to work during the 1950s, earning their own money and allowing them to enter the workforce while also staying domestically focused. Times have changed though and nowadays, men and women alike hold and attend Tupperware parties. So much so, that it’s hard to believe it was once associated with the housewife alone.

Making life easier

Kitchen storage products make life easy, and Tupperware offers innovative designs for all food types. Ranges include the Heat n Eat – which is for hot leftovers so you can keep the vent open to let moisture out, while also being ideal for reheating food in the microwave with the lid on (vent open). The Modular Mates® is great for easy storage with a range of sizes and shapes to fill your cupboards. While the VentSmart range is great for storing fresh foods, but allowing them to keep the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide at the right levels.

Plastic food storage containers are great for keeping food fresher for longer, or for storing your frozen leftovers for future eating. The airtight seal that you find on many Tupperware containers was first designed back in 1950 and was the first of its kind in the world. If you want your food to stay fresh, make sure you lift the tab on the lid, push the lid down in the centre, and let any excess air out before closing the tab.

Over the years, Tupperware has discovered that it’s not just about storage containers when it comes to making home life easier for mums, dads and singles. While saving space and keeping food fresh is a priority, they have branched into offering a range of other products as well. If you need a quality water bottle that is BPA-Free and will last you hundreds of refills, you’ll find the Tupperware range has a size to suit. They also manufacture and sell lunch boxes, cookware, knives, utensils, and baking products. And kids aren’t left out either, with everything from Sippy cups to straw tumblers, cutlery sets to toddler feeding sets.

Tupperware is good for you

Have you been wondering why people talk about Tupperware like its heaven on earth? Try it for yourself to find out. All products are non-toxic and are made from non-carcinogenic materials; they are colourful and available in designs to suit everyone in the family, and they are designed to last. Tupperware products all go through stringent testing methods to ensure they are strong; and many are microwave safe (where indicated on the bottom of the product).

If you want to stock up your shelves with some great products from Tupperware, search eBay today to find great deals on new and used products.