Turmeric/Curcumin Herb & Botanical Supplements

Turmeric Herb and Botanical Supplements

Put a glow on your face, detoxify your body, and fortify your immune system with turmeric herbs and botanical supplements. Turmeric, or haldee, as it is known in Hindi, is a bright yellow-orange spice related to the ginger family. It is used extensively in all forms in medicine, food, and cosmetics. However, it is turmerics active ingredient, curcumin, which is touted with anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidative, and even anti-ageing benefits. Preliminary studies show that it helps in diseases such as arthritis, liver damage, as well as reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Other Uses

While many Asian cuisines use turmeric extensively in their curries, dhals, and pilafs, because of its distinctive saffron hue and taste, adding it to rice, roast veggies, and smoothies is just as good. When used externally, a mask made from turmeric paste helps to clear acne, reduce any scarring, reduce inflammation, heal wounds, as well as bring a golden glow to your face.

Powder or Fresh Form

Brew a cuppa with chemical-free turmeric powder from the selection of powder herbs and botanical supplements to ease pain and inflammation without any side effects. Many of the bags are sealed to preserve the powders freshness. Alternatively, use freshly grated organic turmeric root if its handier. Although the most potent form of turmeric is curcumin supplements, a good cuppa, biccies, and a good yarn with a friend is always good for your health.

Supplement Form

The main benefit of taking capsule herbs and botanical supplements, such as turmeric, is their convenient dosage. Take the recommended amount of supplement capsules as required without needing to measure them out or risk overdosing. Packaged under stringent hygiene conditions, capsules come in handy-sized bottles to carry with you wherever you go.

Not for Everyone

Although turmeric is extremely beneficial and safe for use by most people, there are some people who experience an upset stomach or irritation and swelling when using it. Since it is considered a herbal supplement, anyone planning on using turmeric needs to consult their doctor before using it.