Keen to stay connected during long highway stretches or off-road adventures? A powerful ultra high frequency (UHF) antenna is exactly what you need to broadcast signals through your CB band radio whenever you're touring in your 4WD. With the right antenna you can achieve a clearer broadcast over a much longer distance. However, keep in mind that a lower gain UHF antenna (3 Decibel or lower) might actually offer the superior broadcast in mountainous regions. Conversely, higher gain antennas of 6 Decibel or above will usually be better suited to broadcasting over long distances across flatter terrain.


A standard UHF aerial measures approximately 720mm to 950mm in length from base to spring, depending on which make and model you choose. Basic models can even be as short as 350mm for 3db of gain. Some of the brands to consider include Oricom, GME, Aerpro, Axis and Uniden. UHF CB radio antennas are typically designed and manufactured with a stainless steel spring and body. This helps make them stronger and sturdy enough to handle the harsh conditions we experience around Australia.

Features and benefits

A UHF elevated feed antenna kit might come with a 65cm whip antenna (6db) as well as a 15cm whip antenna (3db). It might also include a pre-fitted FME connector which allows you to thread the cable through a hole and fit the item without cutting or soldering. A top quality UHF aerial would ideally have a durable fibreglass whip with elevated feed and electro polished stainless steel barrel spring. These devices can be mounted on a 4WD bullbar, gutter, mirror or mudguard. It's a good idea to buy a versatile antenna with a spring option if you plan on heavy use, particularly off-road.

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