Watch movies on the go on your PSP with UMD movies on eBay!

Still got a PlayStation Portable lying around the house that you still use? As it was discontinued in 2016 it can be a struggle to get your hands on the UMDs to be able to watch new films on there. Luckily, plenty are being resold on eBay in good working condition. Start shopping on eBay today and build upon your UMD movie collection.

What is a universal media disc?

A universal media disc is an optical disc that stores data such as films and games. It was developed by Sony for the PlayStation Portable in 2004 and was discontinued in 2016. It was similar to the mini disc but it would only work on the PSP when slotted into the device. It was primarily used as a medium for games but was also used for movies and television shows. Watching a UMD movie is very similar to watching a DVD on your home entertainment system, the difference is you can watch films on the move with a PSP.

What movies are available on UMD?

There are hundreds of movies available on UMD as all the major Hollywood studios signed on to release their films to Sony’s UMD format. You can expect to find all the major blockbusters that were filmed in the early 2000’s. As the UMD was discontinued in 2016, you won’t find any films after this date. If you’re a fan of comedy you can find the classics like American Pie, The Hangover, and Happy Gilmore. For those who love thrillers or horrors, there are the likes of Halloween, Kill Bill, and Independence Day.

Start shopping the collection of UMD movies today on eBay and get some new films for your PSP.