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Keep Your Baby Going Strong with UPPAbaby Pushchair and Pram Parts

A functioning pram shouldn’t be consigned to the rubbish heap when it needs a new part. If your baby’s pushchair needs parts repaired or replaced, they are now easy to find. Browse affordable and and used UPPAbaby spare parts available for sale on eBay, and keep your pram going for as long as you and your child want.

What UPPAbaby pushchair and pram replacement parts can you purchase?

While many replacement parts are available, certain pushchair parts are essential. These are some indispensable items replaced on UPPAbaby pushchairs and prams:

  • Bumper bar – This helps to keep your baby protected from stray objects and people.
  • Handles – With time, handles age and crack no matter how well-built they are. Find replacement handles to keep an otherwise good pushchair usable. Handlebar replacements and parts are available as well.
  • Harness/strap – Essential for containing precious cargo, keep your child securely fastened to their seat by replacing worn straps and harnesses.
  • Seat unit – If the seat gets too soiled or worn, find the replacement seat suitable for your pram.
  • Wheels/tyres – Locate replacement front and rear wheels, or switch the wheels for an entirely new type of tyre meant for different activities. You’ll notice many UPPAbaby Vista or Cruz wheels available to buy.
Changing pushchair parts to suit your baby’s growth

It’s important to promptly replace any worn or frayed pram parts, preferably before they break. However, not all replacement parts are purchased for pushchair repairs. As your child progresses from an infant to a year-old baby, pram adjustments are a good way to keep up with your child’s growth. As they advance into toddlers, different parts are often necessary.

You don’t want to try to contain an active toddler in a sling seat intended for an infant. Seat part replacements are a natural progression to fit your child’s needs. Harnesses and belts need adjusting and replacing to stand up to a curious tot. Don’t put off replacing parts intended for infants. Plan to replace certain pram parts as your baby grows so fast.

Are any additions or optional features available for UPPAbaby pushchairs?

Not all replacement items are essential to keep your pram in good repair. Many optional parts can make your child comfortable while putting your mind at ease. Here are just a few of the non-essential parts that make great features:

  • Rain covers – This is an accessory that is handy in dodgy weather. You can also find covers to shield your baby from insects, wind, or sun.
  • Car seat adapters – It’s handy to place your child directly in your vehicle without removing them from their comfy seat.
  • Shopping basket – What a convenient detail available as an attachable piece to your pushchair.
  • Carrycot hood and apron – There’s no need to wheel your pram into the house when visiting friends. Use this unit to bring your baby inside using a removable carrycot.