Travel lightly and look great with UPPAbaby prams, strollers and accessories from eBay 

For more than a decade, UPPAbaby has provided strong, popular options for mums and dads who don’t want to choose between four-figure status symbols and cheap strollers and prams.   

In 2006, husband and wife duo Bob and Lauren Monahan set out to create a stroller that satisfied the sweet spot between high-end, expensive models and low-end, unfashionable strollers. The result was the first stylish yet obtainable UPPAbaby stroller. eBay is home to dozens of UPPAbaby strollers and prams and accessories that can keep things moving for you and the family.    

The key is convenience 

What makes UPPAbaby prams and strollers so sought after is that you don’t have to feel like you’re pushing around an SUV when out on a walk with the little one. With a focus not only on safety but also weight, you can stroll along smoothly without feeling like you’re shoving a boulder up the street.   

In addition to being lighter weight, the flexibility of UPPAbaby strollers and prams makes them adaptable to your family’s everyday life. UPPAbaby’s Mesa baby car seat is compatible with the company’s VISTA and CRUZ strollers, giving you a more streamlined way to keep your baby safe and comfortable.    

Need to push around more than one tyke? That’s not a problem, as the UPPAbaby G-Link lets you bring two kids along for the ride without adding too much clunky weight to the trip.   

Celebrities such as Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg and actress Reese Witherspoon, who clearly have the capital to splash out on just about any stroller or pram they want, trusted UPPAbaby with their children. Ready to see what the big deal is? Check out our selection of UPPAbaby products, as well as thousands of other prams, strollers and accessories and other baby essentials, online today and find the right mode of transport for you and your family.