USB 3.0 Cables, Hubs & Adapters

USB 3 0 USB Cables Hubs Adapters

When it comes to 3.0 USB Cables, Hubs and Adapters there are a multitude of products available for various tasks, depending on your needs. From Multiport Hubs to add extra 3.0 USB slots, extension cables for when you need that extra reach and adapters allowing you to use one slot for another slot type.

Multi-Port Hubs

One of the most frustrating parts of a lot of new laptops and other devices is never having enough USB 3.0 Ports. However, with a multi-port hub this is no longer an issue. With most coming with four slots, and some even offering over ten, you’ll have plenty of room to plug in all your USB 3.0 devices, including USBs, mice, keyboards, controllers and more. Most brands ensure that their USB cable hub adapters for multi-porting work at fast speeds so you won’t lose out on any data transfer speeds.

Extension Cables

There are a multitude of extension cables available for 3.0 USB ports, allowing you to reach that extra distance when necessary. These USB cables come in a variety of styles, colours and brands, however most ensure that you will not lose out on speed of data transfers. They all come with one male end for plugging directly into your device and one female end for you to plug in your 3.0 USB.

Pro Hub Adapters

If you feel your MacBook is lacking in ports and want to utilise its full potential better, than a Pro Hub Adapter may be right for you. The Satechi Aluminium Pro Hub uses your USB Type C port and converts it into a multitude of other ports for use, including 2 USB 3.0 ports, a 4k HDMI, SD/Micro Card Reader and more. It uses fast speeds so you won’t lose out on performance during file transfers, and the variety of ports makes it ultra-convenient to have. The Pro Hub comes in either gray or silver so you can match it to your MacBook. If you’re not a Mac user there is also the Surface Pro Hub Adapter designed for the Surface Hub Pro and is fairly similar in use to the Mac Book version, however it is more compact, allowing for easier storage.

Other Adapters

There are a few other adapters allowing you to plug in your 3.0 USB device into other computer ports and vice versa. For example there are adapters that plug into your Type C cable port with a C male end and allow you to plug in your Type A 3.0 USB plug into the converted 3.0 USB female slot.