USB Bluetooth Network Adapters & Dongles

USB Bluetooth Network Adapters and Dongles

Bluetooth is a versatile system that can connect anything to anything, anyone to anyone. Named for the king who unified Denmark, Harald Bluetooth, Bluetooth technology set out to unify input and output with a system of dongles. With a bluetooth dongle, anything can be wireless. It’s really simply; you just plug in a receiver where you’d normally plug in a cable. A lot of devices already come with bluetooth functionality enabled; your phone probably does, and that means you can plug a bluetooth receiver into your computer, speakers, or any other relevant device and beam music, movies and other files across at your leisure.

Types of Bluetooth Dongles

There are several typical uses for bluetooth; all of them for moving or streaming files from one device to the other. USB audio receiver bluetooth dongles can be used to make any speaker set wireless as you can simply plug in the USB dongle and connect to that via your computer. Setting that connection up is simple and if the dongle doesn’t come with instructions you can easily find them online. One you’ve got that all set up you’re ready to go and can play your music from anywhere in the room without having messy cables running over the floor, and without having to get up to change the song.

Bluetooth in Your Car

Bluetooth’s other main use these days is to facilitate hands-free calling in cars. Car auxiliary dongles plug into the aux jack on a car, as well as the cigarette lighter to draw the power they need, as aux jacks don’t provide power in the way USB does. These devices will often also include a USB plug from which you can charge your phone as you drive. This is especially helpful as having Bluetooth connectivity enabled will drain your phone battery more quickly. There are also several other uses for Bluetooth, such as streaming video, although these are being overtaken by more recent developments that accomplish much the same.