USB-C Computer Monitors

Add some versatility and speed with a USB-C computer monitor

With the technology of a USB-C computer monitor, you can transfer video information using one convenient cord that's generally a lot smaller and less cumbersome than a HDMI, DisplayPort or DVI cable.

Choosing a USB-C monitor enables you to save room on your desk, in your luggage or wherever you would normally see a barrage of cords connected to your pc and monitors.

Data transfer rates of up to 10gpbs

USB-C data transfer rates are very high, making them a cherished tech accessory for many. USB-C enables you to watch Ultra-HD content on your monitor without experiencing as many buffering or quality issues. This is in addition to the convenience of the extra features offered by USB-C, such as being able to charge other devices and transfer data.

Clutter-free work and play space

A cluttered desk space is something that can really get in the way of your work and play, especially if you're working from home with limited real estate. You can minimise the number of cords you need by picking up a monitor with USB-C compatibility.

In addition to freeing up space and looking cleaner, it can also be fed through or wrapped around your computer monitor and stand, which can help prevent cords from becoming a safety risk.

With traditional monitor types, as well as an HDMI, DVI or DisplayPort cable, you would also need to plug in a computer monitor power supply to keep your monitor charged up and ready for use. With a USB-C powered monitor, these cables are a thing of the past.

From high-quality video and supreme charging power to fewer cables cluttering up your desk, a USB-C computer monitor has plenty of benefits – both on and off the screen. Find one that suits your space today online on eBay.