Stock up on USB cables today

Are your USB cables constantly dying or getting lost? Maybe there’s just never enough to go around in your house. Well, you can put an end to that today, because eBay has a massive range of cables, hubs and adaptors for all devices.

Suitable for all phones and devices

You can find all types of USB cables here on eBay, ensuring you can always find the perfect cable for your devices. Different brands use different connections, so you can filter your search to only include the cables relevant to your device. USB cables aren’t just for phones though. There are plenty of cables for use with printers and other office equipment. In addition, many cables such as the USB-C are quite universal. Choose USB 2.0, 3.0, C, Micro, Lightning and many more variations.

Different cable lengths

When choosing a USB cable, it’s important to get something that’s the right length. It’s often helpful to have a longer cable, especially if your favourite spot to sit, or even your bed, is too far away from a powerpoint. Longer cables are also great for outdoor use, or for the car if you’ve got passengers in the back. However, some people hate long cables because they get in the way if you don’t actually need the extra length. Here on eBay, you can find all different lengths, ranging from 1 metre to 5 metres.


You can find all sorts of USB adaptors on eBay, and they can be extremely handy items to have around the house. With these adaptors you can, for example, turn USB-C connections into Lightning connections for use with a different type of phone. You can also find adaptors that allow you to plug traditional 3.5mm headphone cables into USB-only smartphones.

In addition, there are also plenty of USB hubs available. This is a great piece of equipment if you have a lot of different devices in the home and you’re always fighting for a charger. Simply plug into one wall socket, and you’ve got 4 USB chargers in one. No more arguments over stolen chargers ever again!