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USB Camera Memory Card Readers and Adapters

USB camera memory card readers and adapters make it easy for you to access, view, and edit your photos. There are different readers for each type of card, and you can use these adapters to not only look at photos but share them from a variety of devices, including tablets, phones, and computers. Choose a multi-card reader if you have many devices that require various card types so you can use the reader to view photos from each of your cameras and cut down on excess equipment.

Miraculous microSD

USB microSD readers and adapters support microSD cards. You'll find these data cards in either mobile phones or cameras, and a microSD adapter plugs into your computer or tablet and allows you to view and transfer photos. These cards aren't just for photos; versatile microSD cards let you store and transfer music, too. You don't need any extra software or programs to use these card readers; just plug them into any USB port and they do the work.

Cool CompactFlash

Choose CompactFlash card readers and adapters if your camera supports a CompactFlash memory card. These adapters work with your computer's USB port and allow you to access and transfer data in a quick fashion. Compact and user-friendly, these readers are roughly the size of a flash drive. Most readers work with both Mac and Windows operating systems, but you may want to double check compatibility before you purchase your adapter. You don't require any other supplies to use a CompactFlash card reader. Many multi-card readers support CF cards if you require readers for more than one type of card.

SDHC Shots

Check into SDHC USB camera memory card readers and adapters to use with SDHC memory cards. Many SDHC readers also support SD cards too, making them even more versatile. The pocket-sized adapters make it easy to view and edit photos on the go, and these drives also hold data and music for even more functionality. Readers work with USB 2.0 or USB 3.0 ports, and work at high speeds to transfer saved data from your card to your computer or other device. Check brands like Belkin and Kingston for a range of adapter options.

Making Memories

Typically used for capturing video and photos, memory sticks have their own types of readers and adapters. Memory stick adapters work the same way other adapters do, and USB connectivity makes it easy to access images. If you're moving large files, such as videos or multiple images, consider opting for a high-speed reader that works quickly to transfer mass quantities of images or videos that take up more memory and may take longer to access. A high-performance adapter works perfectly for professionals, and the plug-and-play design makes adapters portable.

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