USB Hubs/Splitter Boxes

A small but powerful box

If you need to connect extra devices to your computer, a USB Hub or splitter box is the perfect solution. Choose a USB hub with enough ports for your individual needs and shop by connector type or USB specification. On eBay, there is a great selection of high quality USB hubs for computers, laptops and tablets.

USB hubs

A USB hub is great for charging different devices using your computer cables and connectors. If you use a laptop, you may be restricted to the number of available USB ports. This is when a USB hub comes in handy as its perfect for connecting to printers, monitors, scanners and keyboards.

Splitter box

Whether you need an extra HDMI port, card reader or additional USB ports, a splitter box is a great solution. Its usually a cable or plus that can split a single connection into multiple connections. You can use a splitter box to connect your mobile phone to a single jack or to divide a telephone signal into two or more signals.

Laptop and desktop hubs

A USB hub is great for charging your phone with your laptop or hooking your laptop up to a range of devices. When shopping for a USB, its important to consider what kind of USB specification youll need. The most common include the USB 2.0, USB 3.0 and the USB 3.1. You can go for a simple plug and play unit with several USB ports or if you need more power, go for a larger USB hub with more ports available.

MacBook USB hub

If you have a MacBook Pro, theres a good chance youve noticed the lack of USB ports in the latest releases. Buying a USB hub with or without a cable is a great way to add more USB ports to your MacBook. You can even connect your adapter to the USB Hub and begin charging your laptops and netbooks in seconds.