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Utility Terrain Vehicles

As a more practical alternative to the familiar All-Terrain-Vehicle (ATV), the UTV, or Utility-Terrain Vehicle is a nimble, capable off-roader that has greater carrying capabilities than its ATV sibling. Fans of the countryside adore the UTV for being able to go through muddy valleys and up gravel hills while carrying two or more people and a load of equipment. There are quite a few options for UTVs so considering the style and colour of the UTV is especially important.

Benefits of a UTV

UTVs are a great option for those looking for a way to get behind the wheel but not deal with lousy drivers or millions of traffic laws. UTVs are similar to ATVs in their all-wheel drive, thick off-road tyres and short wheelbase, making them great for scaling any terrain. UTVs, however, typically have a short bed behind two (or sometimes four) seats that can hold more than other off-road Quads. If you want, or need, to get off-roading on ATV trails, but need the space for things like tents, project tools or farming supplies, then a UTV might be for you.

UTV Styles

What is arguably the most important factor for purchasing a UTV is the style of the vehicle. Most UTVs are a single cab, with two front seats, though you may find some with a double-cab, four-seater style. The boot bed also varies in style, with some having a fixed bed to the body of the UTV, while other UTV beds can raise or open on the sides to allow easier access.

UTV Colours

Picking the colour of your UTV can be a fun exercise. Given their off-road pedigree, many opt for camouflage looks that could even help hunters in the wild. Some go for more stealthy, darker colours for an aggressive look to represent a hard-core off-roader. Others enjoy their UTVs on farms and choose to mimic the typical tractor colours of red and yellow.

Other Quads, Trikes and Buggies

Many other off-road alternatives are available to the UTV. ATVs are arguably the most popular, though typically have seating for only one or two, but are the most widely available off-road option. Buggies are a bare-bones vehicle for serious thrill seekers, designed more for speed. If UTVs are not your style but you are still looking to get off road, other options are sure to suit you.

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