UV Camera Lens Filters

UV camera lens filters are designed to provide protection to the main lens of your camera. They are typically very thin and do not add a significant amount of size or weight to the overall camera. These UV filters are available for digital cameras as well as film cameras. They are also available in an array of shapes and sizes so you can find one that fits your specific lens.

UV Camera Lens Filters for Digital Cameras

UV camera lens filters for digital cameras are mainly designed to protect the built-in lens from scratches, dust and other types of damage. Most digital cameras have a built-in UV sensor that filters out excess UV light so they do not necessarily require a UV lens to fulfill this job. However, these lenses can still reduce glare as well as providing general protection for your camera lens. Uv camera lenses for digital cameras are available in many sizes. They commonly range in size from 49 mm circular UV camera lens filters to 82 mm circular UV camera lens filters

UV Camera Lens Filters for Film Cameras

On film cameras, UV camera lens filters are very practical camera accessories. These UV filters help prevent photos from looking washed out or overly bright because of excess UV light. They can also prevent distracting glares from showing up on the film.