Ubiquiti Networks

Ubiquiti Networks

Based out of New York, NY, USA, Ubiquiti Networks has been on the cutting edge of technology for well over 10 years, as a manufacturer of access points, routers and other enterprise network servers and supplies since 2005. Much more than a maker of routers, Ubiquiti offers everything from high-tech security cameras to VoIP phones, with an entire line of product to help streamline your office, no matter what business youre in.

Access Points

One of the main products that Ubiquiti is known for is their access points. This line is referred to as the UniFi, this is essentially a high-tech type of server thats easily mountable right into the ceiling or into a wall. With this access point, you can configure an entire network, offering your entire building access to the WLAN network. Instead of large servers that take up floor and wall space in a dedicated server room, this little access point is the size of a smoke detector, and is extremely easy to install.

Ubiquiti Servers

Ubiquiti is also well known for their enterprise networking and servers and switches. Search for cloud keys that help revolutise how you use the cloud, or gateway routers with gigabit Ethernet. Also popular are gigabit switches, many fully managed or managed PoE. These servers offer both wired and wireless access, and are well-suited for large networks, such as in offices.

Network Switches

Youll also find many accessories when it comes to Ubiquiti Networks, that can help you streamline your network and how you do business. Look for outdoor WLAN access points, gigabit radios, antennas, multiplexers and terminals, amongst more accessories. All of Ubiquitis accessories are fully integrated with their access points, servers and routers, so you dont need to purchase a lot of outside accessories or equipment.

Cameras and Phones

If youre building an office, you can also look to Ubiquiti for your telephony and security camera needs. Their VoIP phones are perfect landline phones to keep in touch with clients, vendors and customers, and keep employees and customers safe with several different types of micro, dome and mini cameras that are easily connected to a CCTV system.