Take advantage of the world's most popular operating system across public and OpenStack clouds on eBay today

Ubuntu is an open source software operating system which can run from your desktop to all of your internet connected things and the cloud to make your life a lot simpler to manage. It offers the quickest way to go from development to production in IoT with the use of core and snaps that can help you organize your connected devices. Ubuntu is fast and secure, powering millions of PCs all over the world! 

Browse the options available to get Ubuntu software into your world and working with your systems on eBay. If you are in the market for OpenStack, the open source cloud computing platform that makes it easy for businesses to control large systems of computers, storage and networking in a data centre, then Ubuntu is here to help you! OpenStack is open source which means anyone can use it and access the source code to make whatever changes they need.

The Ubuntu operating system software comes with everything you need to run your business, home or enterprise. It features essential applications like an office suite, browsers, email and media apps all pre-installed with a range of other applications via the Ubuntu Software Centre. 

Ubuntu software comes complete with a built-in firewall and virus protection software making it one of the most secure operating systems available. Shop the options on eBay today and find the best prices for security and a smooth system that makes managing your devices, and everyday life, much simpler.