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Ultima is a vehicle parts and accessories company best known for manufacturing superb items like brake pads, shock absorbers and CV joints built to withstand tough Australian driving conditions. Driving in Australia is quite unlike driving anywhere else on earth. From dry desert sand and mud to wet, sticky mud to driving rain during tropical storms, Australian terrain comes with its own unique challenges to vehicles. Ever wanted to protect your vehicle from damage caused by tricky terrain with an Ultima product, but felt put off by the price tag? Shopping for Ultima goods on eBay is your chance to upgrade, modify and protect your vehicle for a lower price than you might expect.

Ultima's vast range of vehicle parts and accessories are made to fit many different makes and model of vehicle. From cars to vans, utes to 4X4s, Ultima is committed to providing quality products to all kinds of vehicle owners. 

Why use shock absorbers?

The brand is perhaps best known for its extensive range of shock absorbers. Your vehicle might need shock absorbers if you notice your tyres or steering wheel shaking after hitting a bump, if you tend to bounce around a lot on the road or if your vehicle tends to sway in strong winds.

Protection you can rely on

Ultima makes much more than shock absorbers. Their product range also includes strut mounts, steering dampeners, coil springs and suspension kits. Whether you're shopping for brand new or used Ultima items, everything comes with a warranty. Use eBay's search filters to narrow down the hunt for your perfect vehicle solution by opting to see only items with one, two or three years left on the warranty, while others come with a lifetime guarantee. Buyers should also be aware that some Ultima products with no warranty are listed.

With thousands of Ultima products to choose from on eBay, there's never been a better time to get shopping. So what are you waiting for? Get browsing eBay for Ultima products today!