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Conceived in 1995 in the back of a Van Halen tour bus, Ultimate Ears had a simple mission - to produce devices that gave music fans the best possible listening experience. Since then, they have created a range of earphones and speakers that delivers unparalleled sound, convenience and the ability to customise your listening experience.

 Ultimate Ears' team of engineers and designers constantly push the boundaries to ensure products give the music the justice it deserves. All speakers feature voice and one-touch control, and earphones have custom molding and professional in-ear monitors, which add to the overall sound quality. Products are designed to be waterproof and drop-proof, making them ideal for outdoor entertainment and camping.

Choose from the super compact Wonderboom that delivers awesome sound and big bass, or upgrade to the Boom, Megaboom, or Megablast that feature 360 degree sound, connectivity to Amazon Alexa, and sound and voice control. Sound quality isn't their only design feature. All Ultimate Ears products are designed to be on-trend, and have won several design awards from IF and Red Dot for their fun exterior casings.

Want to see what else is available from Ultimate Ears? You can check out our range of Ears MP3 player audio docks and mini speakers, or browse our range of Ears MP3 player headphones and earbuds. All are available online today. 

With so many different Ultimate Ears speaker models to choose from, you're sure to find the right speaker for you on eBay.