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A great selection of Pokémon card albums

From your favourite metal Pokémon cards to the basic sets you own, it’s always good to keep them organised and protected. The simple answer is Pokémon card albums.

Benefits of using a card album

There are many reasons people prefer to use card albums over any other form of storage. A lot of it comes down to protecting your cards, but there are certainly some other benefits.

  • Increased fun: It’s always fun when you get a new pack of trading cards and get to arrange them in your album.
  • More organised: Most trading card sets are numbered, and most people like to keep them in order. Card albums allow you to arrange the cards in your desired order.
  • Easy to use: Simply slide your cards into the plastic inserts, and you don’t need to do anything else!
  • Card protection: This is the biggest reason to use card albums. Whether you have PSA Pokémon cards or just basic sets, you want them in mint condition if you ever decide to sell them.
  • A great way to enjoy cards: If you have cards kept in boxes or piles, you can’t easily have a look and enjoy what you’ve collected. Albums, much like photo albums, allow you to check out your collection easily.

No matter what your reasons for using Pokémon card albums, eBay has plenty to choose from. 

Different types of card albums

While there are many, many different card albums available for a range of purposes, you could probably group eBay’s listings into two main categories. 

Themed: Many Pokémon card albums are produced for a specific expansion pack, such as the 25th Anniversary set, or any of the numerous Sun & Moon or Sword & Shield expansions. Not only do they look great, but if you’re a big Pokémon enthusiast, it helps keep all of your different card sets in order. 

Regular: Brands like UltraPro produce a range of different storage items for trading cards. They don’t necessarily look flashy and colourful, but these binders and albums are a high-quality option for keeping your cards safe.