If you’ve been trying to decide what kind of PC Laptop/ Notebook to buy, then an ultrabook might be right for you. An ultrabook is a high-end PC option that offers the slim design of a notebook with the high performance of a laptop, making it the perfect combination.


There are no specific requirements for a manufacturer to adhere to when producing an Ultrabook. However, many of them include some of the highest quality displays in order to beat competitors. Often outshining regular laptops of similar value, Ultrabooks will consistently have a decent screen and resolution regardless of brand.


An Ultrabook shines by being noticeably slimmer than other PC Laptops, making them much more lightweight and easier to travel with. Due to this slim design requirement, the keyboards are usually much flatter than regular keyboards which can take some getting used to if you’re used to the feel of a raised keyboard. These flat keys also tend to have much more quick and responsive feel to them. The trackpads on most Ultrabooks tend to be high quality and having very responsive and easy scrolling without the hassle.

Operating Systems

For any new or near new Ultrabooks you be guaranteed that it will come with Windows 10. All other versions of Windows are also compatible with any Ultrabook, so you can always install your preferred version. You can even install Linux if you wish.


In order to be classified as an Ultrabook there are a few key details that need to be met by the manufacturer. Firstly they need to have ULV (ultra-low voltage) Intel processor and secondly they need to have at least 8GB of RAM installed. Every other hardware component in regards to things such as internal graphics chip, hard drive and sound cards is left up to the manufacturer’s preference.Most 8GB PC Ultrabooks have better sound quality than a regular laptop of the same design, but will have lower graphics for gaming purposes.