Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Finding creepy crawlies, rodents and snakes hanging round your house is never a fun experience. Trying to get rid of them can be difficult with so many different kinds of sprays, traps and magic concoctions that never seem to do the job. Ultrasonic pest control is the new trend in fighting pest problems in your home and is a safe and easy process. You can just leave the device and not have to worry about cleaning up traps or dead creatures.

How Does Ultrasonic Pest Control Work?

An ultrasonic pest control device can be for inside or outside. An outside device sits in the ground around your property and operates by solar power. An inside electronic pest control device plugs in to a power point so does need electricity to work.

  • Ultrasonic waves: Ultrasonic waves of sound and vibration emit, which makes animals believe that there is danger nearby. This will force them to turn around and avoid the area where the repeller is.
  • Safe: Ultrasonic pest repellers do not use any nasty chemicals or electric shocks. This means that they are safe for other animals and children to be around.

What Kind of Pests do Ultrasonic Repellers Work For?

Many of the pest control repellers you can buy are able to target many types of creatures. While one may say that it is for one type of animal, other pests will likely want to steer clear too.

  • Snakes: You should place snake ultrasonic pest repellers around the outside of your property particularly near gardens, wood piles or anywhere cool that a snake might want to hide. Keeping them away from the corners of your property will help avoid having unwanted visitors inside the house.
  • Rodents: A rat or mice pest repeller can go indoors in power points that are low to the ground. The mice wont want to come anywhere near the electronic pest repeller and should serve as a warning not to come back again. Ultrasonic rodent repellers are great to have when you dont have a cat to chase the mice away.
  • Cockroaches. Cockroach repellers work the same as for rodents; in fact, one device is ample for both creatures.
  • Mosquitoes: You can place an ultrasonic mosquito repellent on your patio or balcony to stop mosquitoes from coming inside.