Got one to sell?

Got one to sell?

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Unbranded Men's Bum Bags and Waist Packs

Don't let the name fool you. Unbranded doesn't mean cheap; it just means it doesn't come from a major brand. What ever you call it: a bum bag, waist pack, or fanny pack, the product is still the same. It is a men's bag that sits comfortably on your side for holding all your essentials and keeping them in easy reach on the go.

Adjust to Fit Your Waist

How do you know the strap will work with your waist size? It's simple; pick an unbranded bum bag or waist pack for men with an adjustable strap. No matter what your size, the bag is sure to fit. Too tight? Adjust the strap to give yourself a little slack. Too loose? Slim it down.

Protection for Every Soggy Adventure

Adventure is the name of the game. Before you hit the trail, place all your needed items in an unbranded, water-resistant bum bag or waist pack. If it starts to storm while you are out enjoying the day, don't worry. You won't end up with wet, soggy papers or a ruined mobile phone.

Storage for All Your Valuables

Whether on holiday or just out for the afternoon, often you need items that won't fit into your pockets. Keep everything close to your body with a bum bag. Show it off by wearing it over your shirt, or conceal it underneath.

Not Your Average Waist Bag

Don't settle for what everyone else is wearing. Pick up a waist-thigh, leg bag. It straps not only around your waist but also to the top of your leg for extra durability. It is the ideal bag for hiking, hunting, and fishing. Multiple zippered pockets keep your items separated and easy to find. Put your cell phone in one pocket, keys in another, and lastly your money in its own pocket.

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